Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Most Important Misconception Around Age of WuShu Liang Unveiled

 Age of Wushu Liang

Age of WuShu Liang also features more than 130 square kilometers of explorable space, eight combat schools, 17 life professions, and upwards of 20,000 quests and NPCs,he free-to-play fantasy sandbox has an ambitious feature list, and Snail Games has attracted a lot of players anxious to get their hands on the upcoming title. Said gamers flooded the beta shard, which occasionally buckled under the onslaught and served up disconnects, stuck characters, and more byproducts of the early testing phase.

  1. Curious about Age of WuLin Liang, the free-to-play martial arts sandpark that's been in the news a bit lately? We were too, and as such we read with interest the translation of an interview with Snail Games CEO Shi Haithat recently went down on Weibo.The martial arts MMORPG's Chinese closed beta starts next month, but European and American players won't get to toodle around in the game's version of ancient China until sometime in 2012.Billing itself as the world's largest games event, Gamescom sees well over a quarter-million fans, journalists and exhibitors crowd into the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany to check out hundreds of games and companies. 
  2. Aside from its appealing visuals, ancient Chinese setting, and Wuxia-style story elements, the game boasts quite a few departures from the standard MMORPG formula.The good news is that MMO Culture's coverage features a ton of embedded video, and you can get a look at the title's character creation process, some beginner areas, and the accessory training interface after the break.
  3. These last two didn't merit more than a mention in this particular interview, but rest assured that we'll be bringing you all the latest Age of Wulin news as it happens.. Head to the official site to learn more and pre-register for next year's closed beta, and check out the latest game trailer after the cut.It's here that players will be able to tinker with the game's character customization features for the first time.Yes, we said begging, and the mechanic apparently involves a degree of anonymity when dealing with fellow players. 
Hot off of Guild Wars 2's Sylvari Week, ArenaNet will be setting up shop in the NCsoft booth to shine a big ol' spotlight on its upcoming title. The studio has plans for a full weekend's worth of Q&A sessions,contests, and demos to get the crowd worked up about this promising MMO. Age of WuShu Power Leveling also features epic quests tied in to something called the miracle system, as well what looks to be a fairly deep guild and territory control minigame. 

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