Thursday, November 14, 2013

Private Information Regarding Age of WuLin Liang Made Known

Age of WuShu Liang, published in North America by Snail Games USA;Age Of Kung Fu, published by Cubizone for South-East Asia; and Легенды Кунг Фу (Legends of Kung Fu), published by Mental Games for Russia.Many thousands of quests, vast and diverse regions to explore, and 37 challenging instances make Age of Wulin one of the most expansive and ambitious free-to-play MMORPGs to date.A unique feature is that there are no classes or level restrictions. Instead the game will use a skill-based system in which the player will have to learn new abilities and talents in order to progress.

  1. Combat will depend on skill proficiency rather than any assigned numerical value.And although the trick-or-treating may be over, the celebrations of the costume winners have just begun! Let's give a round of applause to the winners of the 5 costume categories - Scariest, Funniest, Superhero, Age of WuLin Liang, Most Effort.During the tutorial you will receive your first Internal Skill "Meditate to Regulate the Breath". Once you join a sect, you will receive another Internal Skill. 
  2. Levelling the right skill is key: if you don’t want to fall behind, we suggest that you cultivate the first Internal Skill you receive from your school as soon as you join it. Open your Skill Book (K) and click on the “Internal Skill” Tab. Choose your school, select the skill you receive and click on “Cultivate”.Their moves inflict a great deal of damage, but their defense is of less concern. Beggars do however, on account of their knowledge in the field, have good defence against poisons. 
  3. The sect is famous for its Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and its Dog Beating Staff Technique, which are only passed down from a chief to his successor. The green jade staff which is carried by the chief is a symbol of his leadership.More Internal Skills are unlocked as the general server population progresses in strength. You can also get Internal Skills from other schools by participating in Script Stealing Events. This also becomes useful for the Meridian System. Royal Guards cultivate dark yin energy, forging steel-like bodies impervious to harm. 
Age of WuShu Liang

Age of WuLin Liang is the year of the rabbit, all day, every day! Press the Jump Key twice for a short boost in vertical height. This will help you climb onto obstacles not achievable with your standard hop.
  1. However, their cool-down period is relatively long, with more usage limitations. The Guards can also quickly alternate between attack and defense modes. They serve the Emperor and follow his will, meaning that they are backed by the government. This tends to result in Royal Guards to be able to "lawfully" commit crime.(Crowd Control).Lightness skills encased in ancient scripts are scattered throughout the Jianghu and once learned, they teach its decipherer how to move like true Kung Fu masters! 
  2. These skills improve one’s mobility drastically, by allowing you to sprint, run on walls and water, glide through the air, and more!Whilst travelling, the monk came across a mountain range that looked like a lotus flower, where he wished to establish a monastery: the emperor granted his wish and had a temple built on Shaoshi Mountain, from where the school derived its name – the Shaolin Temple.Combine this lightness skill with other lightning skills for quick movement of aquatic proportions.
 As your character is about to land on the water’s surface, press the Jump key. However, if your character plummets from an extremely high location such as Age of WuShu Power Leveling, you’ll unintentionally perform the lightning skill that we call the “cannonball” (totally a joke).As mentioned in the original contest rules, one of the remaining costume participants will have an opportunity to win a permanent vanity outfit based on the number of Likes their costume photo receives. 

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