Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Earths Top Rated Three Most Valuable Age of WuLin Liang Secrets——

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 Age of Wushu Liang

  1. We are selling the liang in the server of Germany(Jade Tiger), France(Empire Céleste) and Europe English(White Lotus).here are a few ways to make silver other than the cash shop. Kidnapping is the second major source of silver, and it is fairly limited.
  2. A potential kidnapper can kidnap only once per hour, and any given victim can be kidnapped only once every six hours. Additionally, most schools assign 10 points of school discipline any time one of their disciples completes a kidnap mission.
  3. Many people consider a wedding day to be a big deal, and Age of Wushu's upcoming marriage system provides a good helping of pomp and circumstance to accompany player nuptials.
  4. We looked at a lot of the details of Age of WuLin Liang Ultimate Scrolls expansion last time, but we should also reflect a bit on the implications of the new changes. The Mt. Age of Wushu's Ultimate Scrolls winter expansion is coming in less than two weeks.
  5. Some of you may have heard about new content coming to Age of Wushu in the winter in the form of the Ultimate Scrolls expansion.We can deliver the liang in 15-30 minutes after payment issued. Age of Wulin is the Europe type of Jiuyinzhenjing(Chinese Version) or Age of Wushu(United States).  
Although it contains some new content including the much-anticipated marriage system, Snail Games has released scant few details about new features.In a new set of questions and answers from the Age of WuShu Power Leveling community, Snail Games promised that North American players experiencing lag will soon see relief.

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