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Age of WuShu Liang

For a look at what your money will buy, check out these new screenshots and then watch a ceremony unfold in the video below.Age of WuShu Liang is very little to do in this expansion if you don't have leveled meridians and a maxed second or third internal skill. Even though I'm in the one percent, I don't think it's very fair to the majority of players who are not.

  • On November 13th, players will be able to enter Ancient China's forbidden grounds and test themselves in new school-specific instances.Although it contains some new content including the much-anticipated marriage system, Snail Games has released scant few details about new features.For another, it's got the best skill names I've ever seen. 
  • How can you not love a game with a skill called Devil Slay Lovers or a style called Demon Heart Chain Hand?If you're one of those people who would like to see iteration or adjustments on content that already exists, then you're probably going to be disappointed. Regardless, this is gear creep. The good news is that the gear creep seems to be available to existing crafters and may not require Ultimate Scrolls recipe drops.
  • When the Ultimate Scrolls expansion hits next week, players will be able to tie the knot in an elaborate in-game ceremony that includes a a parade through the city, a banquet (that friends can attend and foes crash), and a dance show provided by the new couple. It will certainly sink a lot of silver taels out of the economy. It may lower the price on Tier 1/2 gear more, since richer players will not need it for gear upgrades. However, I don't think it will affect the average player much.
  • We'll also see the implementation of a new alignment system (or perhaps adjustments to the old one). The old alignment system is extremely flawed, so any change to it is welcome.  There will be a ceremony and reception according to the tastes of the couple, along with a "Matrimonial Chamber" feature that wasn't elaborated on. This is crazy. The prices are tentatively low, at around 30-50 liang for most items.It also requires an affinity value of 2000. 
  • These values are ridiculous. The affinity value of 2000 is especially damning. It pretty much ensures I will not get married, at least.Only the most fabulously wealthy need apply. It does not seem that the players need to remain VIP afterward, but with those requirements, chances are if you get married in-game, you're probably already married -- to Age of WuLin Liang. These will be new, high-powered instances for high-level players. They will be aimed at characters who have hit Peak of Power or higher martial prowess, which basically means that we'll need stacked meridians to survive.
While Age of WuShu Power Leveling was not very clear on what the skills were or how to obtain them, I am a bit fortunate to have some knowledge in that regard already.A player with one of these scrolls drops that scroll if he is slain, and it can be looted by other players. Moreover, certain NPCs will give hints or advice to players about where people with scrolls might be found.

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